Our Approach

The Hayward Business Association was founded to fill a need in Hayward for more local community activities, to highlight our beautiful city, to introduce our incoming and existing residents to local businesses, and to promote shopping and working locally. A healthy vibrant downtown is the key to restoring a feeling of community to the city of Hayward as a whole. Hayward, as a city, can feel very segmented, but our cultural and racial diversity needs to become our strength. By creating city events where all are welcome, where neighbors can meet, where local businesses and services are able to share with the residents, and law enforcement is able to interact and establish personal bonds, we can build an amazing community together, so that Hayward becomes a desired destination, not a drive though town




Alfredo Rodriguez


(510) 750 - 4410

Ria Lancaster


Julio Romero

Vice President

Elizabeth Rose


Yolanda Diaz


Get ready for some exiting news coming up to Downtown Hayward.